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There is so much to see and do in the Algarve that it seems impossible to do it all on a single trip.

To make it easier for you, we have created a tool that will let you explore the Algarve’s facilities, services, companies and venues, so you can organise your visit.

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    Journeys through history

    2 Days

    Holidays in the Algarve as also synonymous with heritage and culture. Revisit the rich history of the region, exploring the towns of Faro and Tavira.Faro dates back to the fourth century BC, and the Phoenician conquests. It was then known as ...

    Monchique Mountains

    1 Days

    Are you looking for a quiet Sunday, far from city life and in the company of your family? Fasten your seat belt and get ready to visit the wonderful Monchique Mountains, affectionately referred to as the “Garden of the Algarve”.Take ...

    The best of the Algarve

    5 Days

    Unique beaches, superb gastronomy, gorgeous scenery, history and culture... everything in the Algarve combines to ensure your holiday will be perfect. And we have five suggestions to help ensure that you get the best this destination has to ...

    A Swimming the Algarve

    4 Days

    Sweeping sandy beaches or small coves, undulating dunes or high cliffs, rocks, caves, the smell and the many shades of blue and green of the sea, marine biodiversity, the sun and the countless beach activities combine to make the Algarve the ...

    Algarve for families

    3 Days

    The Algarve is an ideal destination for a family holiday, not just for its extensive sandy beaches and calm waters, but for the many activities that you can do in the region. There's something to please kids and adults alike here, both during ...

    Observing the acrobatic flights of birds

    1 Days

    The Algarve is Portugal's birdwatching hotspot as it has the most bird species in the country. If you're a nature lover and you're interested in birdlife, you're in the right place.All year round, in different areas and distinct habitats, ...

    Two adrenaline-charged days

    2 Days

    Looking for a holiday with a good dose of adventure? Then the Algarve is the right destination for you, as it offers an abundance of activities to delight the most intrepid, thrill-seeking tourists.Start big, start sky high. At Skydive Algarve, ...

    One day on the Costa Vicentina

    1 Days

    Known as Costa Vicentina, the coastal strip between Odeceixe and Burgau is prized for its calm, its fabulous panoramas of the Atlantic cliffs carved over millennia, its natural diversity, its excellent cuisine using produce from both sea and ...

    Romantic getaway

    3 Days

    If you're in search of the perfect place for a getaway with your other half, the Algarve is, without a doubt, the right choice for surprising that special someone and celebrating your love, at any time of the year.By the sea or in the rural ...

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