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Umayyad Route

The Algarve is the Portuguese territory which had the longest-lasting Muslim presence (from the 8th to the 13th century) and its name comes from the Arab term al-Gharbe (west). Many influences of this historic presence are still visible in modern-day Portuguese culture, including the language, with many words derived from Arabic, and the country's artistic and built heritage, at archaeological sites and in various devices and artefacts.

The Omíada Route, a tourism and cultural route focusing on the period of Omiade dominance in the Mediterranean, covering Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Sicily, Spain (Andalusia) and the Algarve, illustrates the profound human, cultural, artistic and scientific relationship that was forged between East and West.

During your Algarve holiday, be sure to go on this trip along the region's ancient trails. Learn about the Omiade legacy in the Algarve by visiting the 14 localities that make up the route, admire the vestiges of city walls, the fortified palatine clusters, the archaeological evidence exhibited in the museums and the immense scenic and cultural diversity of the territory. Take the opportunity to sample the local gastronomy and experience age-old traditions, and take home memories of an unforgettable holiday.

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The Umayyad Route

The Umayyad Route

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