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22 May 2021

Based on a text by Thomas Bernard and with artistic direction by David Pereira Bastos, Praça dos Heróis is a piece that exposes the historical whitening that allowed Austria to assume itself as the first victim of the III Reich, instead of a first ally. More than that, it exposes the perception that the anti-Semitic policies and beliefs of the extreme right, even Nazis, are alive and present in Austria in 1988 as much or more than in 1938, as is mentioned by one of the characters in the play. Bernhard. At a time when populist and xenophobic policies, backward conservatism, are asserting themselves all over the world, from Europe to the United States of America, from Brazil to Arab and African countries, where consecutive new measures and policies seem to confirm a civilizational setback. , political and social, it is urgent to return to the Heroes' Square.

Text: Thomas Bernhard Artistic

Direction: David Pereira Bastos

Interpretation: Ana Sampaio and Maia, Bruno Simão, Manuel Coelho, Miguel Sopas, Paulo Pinto, Rita Loureiro, Sílvia Figueiredo, Tânia Alves


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