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Death of a Traveling Salesman - Artists / Rede Eunice Ageas

30 April 2021

United States, 1940s. We are in the American Dream, the ideal of self made man and the myth of success. Willy Loman wants to give the world to his children, he wants them to conquer it. After 34 years working as a traveling salesman, he sees his dreams fade away, losing ground and, consequently, the notion of reality. A modern tragedy of ordinary people, who finds the ultimate violence in the helplessness of failure. It is really chilling to see, now, this Death of a traveling salesman that startled the world on his debut, on Broadway, in 1949 (in a show directed by Elia Kazan) and that Portugal arrived with the historical staging of António Pedro for TEP, in 1954. Written in the immediate post-war era, it is Requiem for a society that is based on individual triumph, competition, exploration. A Requiem for capitalism. And one of the most hurtful portraits of the American Dream. And now that other crises of capitalism are affecting our lives? And now that we're in it? And now, what is done to us?

Direction: Jorge Silva Melo

Translation: Ana Raquel Fernandes, Rui Pina Coelho

Interpretation: Américo Silva, André Loubet, António Simão, Helder Bráz, Joana Bárcia, Joana Resende, José Neves, Pedro Baptista, Pedro Caeiro, Paula Mora, Sara Inês Gigante, Tiago Matias, Vânia Rodrigues

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