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Cruises in the Algarve

Cruises in the Algarve

Boasting an enviable geographical location, the Algarve is an important point of passage for Mediterranean cruise itineraries. And it is the Port of Portimão – the region’s only cruise terminal – that welcomes dozens of cruise ships and thousands of cruisers every year.

The natural setting is worth a thousand words: golden sands backed by craggy cliffs and oddly-shaped rock formations, calm, crystal-clear waters and endless hours of sunshine.

Included in Portimão’s welcome for cruisers are its noteworthy cuisine, where fish and fresh seafood take pride of place, and the cultural, architectural and historic landmarks dotted around the city. There are many tour companies operating out of Portimão and they offer a huge variety of excursions, nature and cultural itineraries, food and wine tastings, and a range of other experiences that will let visitors discover the very best of the Algarve.

With a cruise terminal that is breaking records for passenger numbers year after year, Portimão is fast becoming an essential port of call for the big cruise ships plying the world’s seas and oceans.