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Reserva Trail

This trail crosses forest paths through the hills to the north of the village of Feiteira, and shows the characteristic landscapes of the Serra do Caldeirão.

Near the Discovery Centre of Feiteira (Centro da Descoberta da Feiteira), two large “sentinel”-like cork oaks signal the entrance to the trail, next to the ruins of a schist house. Further on, a monumental eucalyptus seems to fulfil the same role. In the surrounding area you can see the houses of Feiteira, its subsistence vegetable gardens predominantly taken up by grapevines, and great piles of cork.

While crossing the Ribeira do Leitejo you can see the native vegetation of these pluvial water courses: curtains of willows and oleander, communities of reeds and bulrushes, brambles and rose bushes. On the surrounding slopes grow lush groves of cork oak and strawberry trees, alternating with patches of pinewoods.

The summit of Cerro da Eira da Capa offers panoramic views of the mountainous terrain, with the Figueirinha mountain and its windmill visible to the west. Here, among the pines and eucalyptus, can predominantly be found the typical vegetation of the Mediterranean scrubland: cistus, Spanish lavender, gorse, rosemary and Italian strawflower. Among the vegetation you may see animals such as the wild rabbit, the partridge and various reptiles (lizards, snakes), or signs of the presence of mammals such as the wild boar or the fox. There are also many birds, and occasionally you will be able to see some of the species of eagles recorded in the hills of the Algarve.

The way back to Ribeira do Leitejo crosses dense forests of cork oak and strawberry trees, with bushes of heather and rockroses in the undergrowth. Recent plantations of cork oak occupy vast swathes of land. While crossing the ford of the river running between cliffs of schist and greywacke, you will see vegetable gardens and olive groves in the wetlands.

Municipality: Tavira
walking and cycling
Circular trail:
5,9 km
Average duration:
Cumulative elevation gain:
285 metres D+
Type of path:
dirt paths and asphalt roads
Start of the trail:
 37º 16' 49.66'' N 7º 51' 43.45'' W