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Route nº35 – Faro

Level 3

The city's historical centre, where some of the region's finest heritage is concentrated, including the magnificent Faro Cathedral, can serve as your starting point for a route that gives you a fabulous view over the Algarve's coast.

Although this route takes you no higher than 360 metres, it nevertheless offers an interesting challenge because of its constant uphill and downhill sections. These begin after a flat first few kilometres bring you to a more demanding climb up to the top of the São Miguel Hill.

Some three kilometres on very uneven terrain and slopes to the order of 10% separate you from this spacious viewpoint, where you can stop to recharge your batteries for the next round of typical upland riding.

The roads are good and the traffic will be light so you will be able to ride up to some other high points in these lush natural surroundings: Barranco do Velho, Alto Fica and Parragil.

Distance – 123 km

Accumulated Climb – 1800 m