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Route nº25 – Aljezur

Level 1

The splendid Vicentine Coast offers scenery worthy of the silver screen, stirring strong emotions on the uphill ride from the centre of Aljezur to Arrifana.

After the first ten kilometres, when you are half way along the route, a vast window will open out over the horizon and the powerful waves that come crashing on to the sands of beautiful beaches such as Monte Clérigo.

Turn back from Arrifana to Aljezur and head south along the EN 120 towards the uplands of the Serra de Espinhaço de Cão. Keep left until you reach the Bravura dam and get ready to face a tough climb of three kilometres up to the outskirts of Marmelete. From here, you start the descent back to the seat of the municipality, a city which was founded by the Moors in the long-distant past of the 10th century.

Distance – 55 km

Accumulated Climb – 950 m