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Route nº6 - Tavira

Level 2

The challenge is tempting and few will be bold enough to turn it down. Don't be fooled by the gentle uphill stretch of the first 15 km; you will need to save some strength to reach your goal. There is no mountain stage prize here but when you get to the top the reward is priceless: a 360º panoramic view unfolds before you as the green of the uplands merges into the blue of the sea.

Behind you is the winding road that goes through the typical hamlets of Alcaria, Cabaços, Casas Novas, Alta Mora and Cabeça Gorda, before passing by the Beliche dam.

The route continues downhill now to Junqueira, to be followed by an up-and-down stretch until you reach Castro Marim. Here you can visit the splendid mediaeval castle and the fortress of São Sebastião, before returning to the city.

Distance – 89 km

Accumulated Climb – 1370 m