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Via Algarviana

Via Algarviana

A different way to explore the Algarve

The Via Algarviana is a long-distance footpath that stretches for 300 km through the inland Algarve, taking you all the way from Alcoutim in the north-east to Cape Saint Vincent in the far south-west. Apart from the main route, which can be done in either direction and is divided into various sections, the Via Algarviana also offers various offshoots that allow you explore more than 200 km of additional routes.

The Via Algarviana is a footpath but it is also suitable for mountain bikers, horse riders and even pack-donkeys. This is a different way to explore the Algarve, far from the buzz of the beaches, enjoying nature, observing the fauna and the flora, and discovering typical villages with their people, culture, handicrafts and gastronomy.

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