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Beachs with Cliffs and Caves

Beachs with Cliffs and Caves

Prepare yourself for heavenly scenery, with lots of very oddly-shaped cliffs. Visit the caves and rock formations carved out by the sea. And natural cavities called “algares” that have been formed by the action of the waves and beneath which there are complex networks of underground galleries.

The Padre Vicente algar, near Carvoeiro, is a huge cavity that connects to the sea, impressively amplifying the crashing sound of the waves.

The famous Benagil algar, in Lagoa, is called “O Templo”, which means “The Temple”. The small opening at the top lets in the sun’s ray, which illuminate its interior. This makes it so special that it was considered by the “Huffington Post” to be one of the ten most fascinating caves in the world.

Rocky ledges and outcrops sprout up from the sea and serve as home to seagulls and other marine birds, such as the peregrine falcon and the lesser kestrel. At Morena Beach, in Lagoa, you will find a rock formation which is called “leixão do submarino”, because its shape is similar to a submarine.

But there is much more. Some beaches, such as Solaria, Batata, Estudantes, Três Irmãos and Alvor are connected to each other by tunnels under the rocks. Some are peaceful beaches, such as Camilo, Canavial, Porto de Mós and João de Arens, whereas others, such as Dona Ana and Praia da Rocha, are busier. Vau Beach has clay cliffs which are said to have medicinal properties. And Praia da Marinha boasts a huge variety of rock formations. Start exploring now.

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