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Praia do Barril e Praia do Homem Nu


Praia do Barril e Praia do Homem Nu


Praia do Barril is approximately half way along Tavira Island. It is a thin strip of fine, white sand. To get there, you just have to cross a small footbridge that takes you over one of the estuary’s channels and then either take the mini-train or walk for about 1 km.

Along the way, you should definitely take the opportunity to observe the fauna in the banks of silt, especially the bocas (a crab typical of these marshes) and, as you get closer to the beach, the plant life on the dune fields, where you can smell the intense aroma of curry released by the small curry plant.

And there is also a nature trail, along which you will find information about the Ria Formosa’s environmental riches. The tourist facilities on the beach were adapted from a former tuna-fishing facility and you can still see the original buildings and some of the fishermen’s paraphernalia, as well as a set of large anchors on display in the space around the beach.

The beach is immense, and if you walk along it for 2 km you will come to Praia do Homem Nu (Naked Man’s Beach), a deserted, totally unspoilt beach that stretches for a further 3 km, all the way to Praia da Barra Nova in Fuseta. Part of Praia do Homem Nu is classed as an official nudist beach.

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Notes: In order to help preserve the site, you should only cross the line of dunes on the paths and raised walkways. The currents next to the harbour are usually very strong.

Access on foot or by mini-train is from the holiday village of Pedras D’El Rei (signposted on the EN 125). There is plenty of informal parking next to the complex and along the access road to Santa Luzia and Terra Estreita Beach. The various support infrastructures include restaurants, WC, information and recreational facilities, and there are lifeguards on duty in the summer holiday season. Barril Beach is an accessible beach. There are no support infrastructures and no lifeguard on duty at Praia do Homem Nu. Orientation: south-east.

Barril GPS: 37° 5'9.88"N 7°39'43.87"W

Homem Nu GPS: 37° 4'22.50"N 7°41'22.13"W

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    Accessible Beach

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