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Praia de Garrão Poente e Garrão Nascente


Praia de Garrão Poente e Garrão Nascente


At Garrão, the line of cliffs gives way to huge dune fields that stretch all the way to the sandy barrier islands of the Ria Formosa, not very far from here. The beach runs along two valleys separated by a low cliff: the Dunas Douradas Lagoon lies in the valley to the west, while the smaller, ephemeral Garrão Lagoon is to be found in the valley to the east. Both these wetland areas are fresh water, a rarity on this coast and greatly appreciated by many species of aquatic birds.

A walk along the banks of the Dunas Douradas Lagoon will give visitors an excellent opportunity to observe the various birds that feed, rest or nest here, such as the Eurasian coot, mallard and the emblematic purple swamphen. The line of pine trees and its natural undergrowth that stretches all the way from Quarteira flanks the water mirrors, providing protection and shelter for the aquatic flora and fauna. A network of walkways crosses the dune, allowing visitors to observe the rich and aromatic flora on the sands, including endemic species such as Portuguese thyme.

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Notes: The lagoons are not suitable for bathing. In order to help preserve the site, you should only cross the line of dunes on the walkways.

Road access is by a tarmacked road from Almancil, heading towards Garrão or Dunas Douradas for approximately 6 km. There is plenty of organised parking at both beaches. Support infrastructures include restaurants, WC, information and recreational facilities, and there are lifeguards on duty in the summer holiday season. West Garrão (Poente) is an accessible beach. Orientation: south-west.

Garrão PoenteDunas Douradas GPS: 37° 2'36.69"N 8° 3'23.20"W

Garrão Nascente GPS: 37° 2'23.03"N 8° 3'0.98"W

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