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Praia da Falésia

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Praia da Falésia


This is a huge beach, part of a continuous stretch of sand almost 6 km in length. It is flanked by a line of high cliffs in deep tones ranging from reds to whitish, in a contrasting game of colours with the green of the pine groves above.

At the western end, the cliff is high but soft, composed of sand and clay, so the rain has no difficulty in wearing away sinuous grooves and deep gullies. To the east, the cliff is gradually losing height, while remaining deeply eroded. In fact, it is this erosion that keeps the beach sandy.

As a result, you can see small cones of sand forming at the base of these cliffs, where typical dune plants such as sea daffodils, sea bindweed, spiny thrift, Cretan trefoil and sea holly are taking root. These colourful species intermingle with the more monotonously-coloured vegetation typically found on cliffs, here mostly consisting of Mediterranean saltbush.

You will find some quiet spots on the beach if you walk along it for a bit.

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Note: Given the risk of landslides, you are advised to keep a safe distance from the cliffs.

Road access on tarmacked roads is via Aldeia das Açoteias. There is plenty of organised parking at Açoteias, 300 m from the beach. Parking is more limited next to the beach. There is also plenty of organised parking at the Alfamar, 250 m from the beach. The support infrastructures include restaurants, WC and information facilities, as well as recreational facilities at Açoteias only. There are lifeguards on duty in the summer holiday season. Orientation: south-west.

Falésia Açoteias GPS
: 37°5'10.02"N8°10'4.75"W

Falésia Alfamar GPS
: 37° 5'0.65"N 8°9'32.73"W


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