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Praia dos Alemães


Praia dos Alemães


This beach follows on from Inatel Beach as you head eastwards. Back in the days of the canning industry, the Inatel facility was a factory belonging to a German family, hence the name of beach (“Alemães” = “Germans”). When the Inatel Foundation took over the building, the stretch of beach next to the hotel was renamed after it, while the rest of the beach retained its original name.

Praia dos Alemães enjoys a more natural setting than the beaches to the west. There are fewer buildings and the cliffs are not as high, their straight lines giving way to a more cut-out shape and taking on organic contours.

At various places, rainfall runoff has eroded the cliff face, carving inlets into it on its way to the sand. Patches of stone pine and mastic trees grow on the cliff top. Meanwhile, closer to the sands, Mediterranean saltbush is common and reeds grow next to where the runoff occurs. As you walk eastwards, the beach becomes progressively quieter.

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Note: Given the risk of landslides and loose stones falling on to the beach, you are advised to keep a safe distance from the cliffs.

Road access on tarmacked roads is through Albufeira (heading towards Inatel or Forte de S. João) and pedestrian access is via the built-up area next to Forte de S. João. There is limited parking next to the beach and small parking areas to the east (next to Forte de S. João) and to the west of the beach (close to the Hotel Alísios), where there are footpaths leading on to the sands. Support infrastructures include restaurants, WC, information and recreational facilities, and there are lifeguards on duty in the summer holiday season. Orientation: south-west.

: 37° 5'3.66"N 8°14'16.73"W


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