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Centro de Congressos do Arade - Arade Congress Centre

Great business, great solutions

Formerly an old fish cannery, located next to the mouth of the Arade River (Lagoa), this centre was reborn as a multi-functional complex designed by the architect Miguel Arruda with the objective of making the market for conferences, meetings and seminars more dynamic in the south of Portugal.

The Arade Congress Centre is an audacious architectural project, covering a total area of 9000m2, divided into two blocks and equipped with latest high technology, essential for staging major events on an international scale.

Standing out from the modern appearance of the exterior, which is divided between transparent glass panes and opaque concrete structure, is an imposing chimney, a remnant of the old factory.

The auditorium, a room of approximately 2000m2 has the capacity to hold a thousand people.  In addition, the pavilion has three foyer areas – essential for house management support at events – three catering rooms and an exhibition room.

The complex is aimed especially at the business tourism sector and attracts the majority of indoor events held in the Algarve to the Barlavento region (Western Algarve).