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Praia da Azinhaga

Praia da Azinhaga


This small beach lies to the east of Ponta do Altar and is characterised by its markedly natural setting. The cliffs are tall at either end of the beach but are low in the middle, forming a curious suspended valley above the current sea level. To the west, the tall, almost straight line of the Ponta do Altar cliff bears down, and you can see huge caves. Rocky ledges are visible along the horizon, a more modestly-sized one next to the beach and another larger one that stands out more from the coast. This is the Leixão da Gaivota (Herring Gull Ledge) which has been designated a Special Protection Zone for Birds, under Rede Natura 2000 due to its importance for a variety of sea birds. You will often see colonies of great cormorants on the ledge, which use it as a winter sleeping spot. And birds of the heron family (such as the cattle egret and little egret) use it for sleeping and nesting, a rare occurrence in Europe, since these birds normally prefer to rest and nest on trees on land.

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Note: The best way to get to this beach is by boat but there is also access on foot from Praia dos Caneiros, although only at low tide. Given the risk of landslides and loose stones falling on to the beach, you are advised to keep a safe distance from the cliffs. The beach is narrow and you should only go there at low tide. You should also be aware that this entire beach lies in an area where there is a risk of landslides. There are no support infrastructures and no lifeguard on duty. Orientation: south-west.GPS: 37° 6'21.06"N 8°30'55.76"W

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