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Praia do Vau


Praia do Vau


The reddish and ochre cliffs that mark the far ends of the beach become gradually lower in height towards the centre, where there is a break between them. Inland, there are various tourist facilities and the built-up areas of Vau with their gardens. Much of the vegetation around the beach is exotic (century plants, ice plants and cacti) having been introduced in an effort to stabilise these cliffs, which are extremely vulnerable to contact with water, whether from rainfall or the sea.

At the edge of sands, however, towards Barranco das Canas and Praia dos Careanos, the cliff rises and is covered with typical vegetation, especially saltwort and Mediterranean saltbush, species that are resistant to salt-filled sea winds. The deeply-eroded rocky walls form nooks and crannies that delight beachgoers. There are stunning views over the coast from the cliffs surrounding the beach, particularly João d’Arens, and you can observe the karstic features of the rock formations.

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Note: Since there is a possibility of rockfalls or stones coming loose and falling on to the beach, you should keep a safe distance from the cliffs, and take care if you are walking along the cliff top, staying well back from the edge.

Road access is by a tarmacked road from the M 531, heading towards Vau. There is plenty of organised parking. The various support infrastructures include restaurants, WC, information and recreational facilities, and there are lifeguards on duty in the summer holiday season. This is an accessible beach. Orientation: south / south-west.

GPS: 37° 7'12.06"N 8°33'32.91"W

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