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Praia do Alvor Nascente (Três Irmãos


Praia do Alvor Nascente (Três Irmãos


Located to the east of the estuary, this beach still enjoys the benefits of being close to the typical town of Alvor, the open landscape over the bay and extensive dune system, although the region’s tourist complexes are gradually beginning to surround it. Thus, on the seafront, you will still be able to see the highly adapted sand-living plants, especially sand couch-grass, Cretan trefoil and the eye-catching sea daffodil.

At the far eastern end of the bay, the deeply-eroded carbonate cliffs, typical of the western Algarve, are already making their appearance. Some rocky ledges can be seen, extending into the sea, and the rock formation of Ponta João de Arens is also visible. At low tide, it is possible to walk along the little bays to the east, and observe how the beach seems to be cut out of the intricately lacy cliffs, with their small caves and precariously balanced boulders. Indeed, for this very reason, you are advised to be very careful when you are near the rock formations.

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Note: Try to stay on the walkways and established trails in order to help preserve the dune system, especially in the Torralta sector.

In the eastern sector, (Três Irmaõs), and given the risk of landslides and loose stones falling on to the beach, you are advised to keep a safe distance from the cliffs.

Road access is by a tarmacked road from the village of Alvor (signposted on the EN 125), heading towards Torralta / Praias (beaches). There is plenty of organised parking next to Torralta and plenty of informal parking on beaten earth at the far eastern end of the beach (Três Irmâos). The various support infrastructures include restaurants, WC, information and recreational facilities, and there are lifeguards on duty in the summer holiday season. This is an accessible beach. Orientation: south-west.

GPS: 37° 7'12.69"N 8°34'56.69"W

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