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Praia do Canavial

Praia do Canavial


This is a narrow, isolated and peaceful beach that lies immediately to the east of Porto de Mós and is framed by scenic cliffs. The beach takes its name from the dense reed plantation growing in proximity to a torrential stream that cascades down the cliff face in the rainy months. Access to the beach is along a pedestrian trail that runs along the cliff top, where the rich undergrowth of the Algarve’s Barrocal is gradually taking over what used to be fig orchards. The winding narrow trail descends to the beach by means of steps carved into the cliff face, where the dominant colours are very intense ochres and reds. The carbonate rock walls are deeply eroded and fissured as a result of rainwater. Plants typical of such harsh environments, such as turquoise tails sedum, gold coin daisies, sweet alyssum and statice, can be seen growing in the small cavities that form in the rock. Curiously-shaped submerged rock formations can be seen in the transparent waters.

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Note: The beach is narrow and you should only go there at low tide. Since there is a possibility of rockfalls or stones coming loose and falling on to the beach, you should keep a safe distance from the cliffs, and take care if you are walking along the cliff top, staying well back from the edge.

Access is on foot (small trail) along the cliff top from the street called Rua do Canavial, which is located about 650 m to the east of Porto de Mós Beach, along the Porto de Mós road. There is very limited parking on Rua do Canavial. There are no support infrastructures and no lifeguard on duty. Orientation: south.

GPS: 37° 5'3.04"N 8°40'46.48"W

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