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Praia da Luz


Praia da Luz


This beach is situated in a very cosmopolitan summer holiday resort that used to be a major fishing town, especially from the 13th to the 16th century. The seafront promenade with its Portuguese crazy paving offers sunny open-air cafés and restaurants and lots of entertainment during the summer. To the west, the promenade lined by large palm trees goes right up to the walls of the fortress that was originally built to protect Luz Church from North-African pirate attacks.

On the beach, at the base of the walls, an extensive rocky platform, in warm colours and deeply eroded by the sea, contains marine fossils and some intertidal marine life such as anemones, limpets, whelks and colourful seaweed.

To the east, stands the limestone and marl cliff, deeply gouged by running water. This whitish cliff is marked by a very dark rock formation that stands out against the landscape: it is the so-called Black Rock, a volcanic vein that extends from the Monchique Mountains to the sea. The calm waters of the bay mean it is an ideal spot for water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing, canoeing and diving.

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Note: Given the risk of landslides and loose stones falling on to the beach, you are advised to keep a safe distance from the cliffs, especially at the eastern end of the beach.

The beach can be accessed on foot and by car through the village of Luz (signposted on the EN 125). There are small, organised car parking areas next to the beach. The various support infrastructures include restaurants, WC, information and recreational facilities, and there are lifeguards on duty in the summer holiday season. This is an accessible beach. Orientation: south / south-east.

GPS: 37° 5'13.28"N 8°43'35.09"W

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    Accessible Beach

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