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Praia da Ingrina

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Praia da Ingrina

Vila do Bispo

As you head towards the beach, take the opportunity to admire the extensive fields of undulating cereal crops and the many megalithic monuments that can be found throughout the area, particularly the menhirs carved out of limestone. As you reach the shore, the farmland gives way to Mediterranean coastal scrub. The shell-shaped beach looks like a little piece of paradise, beckoning you to take a dip in the bay’s generally calm and transparent waters. The bay is delimited by a large platform of limestone pavement (rock which has been deeply carved by erosion) to the west and high, craggy cliffs to the east. This is a great beach for diving as there is an extensive area of fascinating underwater rock formations. Walking along the eastern cliff top is another popular pastime and affords fabulous views over the coastline.

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Notes: Since there is a possibility of rockfalls or stones coming loose and falling on to the beach, you should keep a safe distance from the cliffs at the eastern end of the beach. Similarly, if you are walking along the top of the cliffs, you should stay well back from the edge.

Road access is by a tarmacked road from the hamlet of Raposeira (EN 125), heading towards the beach for approximately 5 km. There is a medium-sized organised parking area. Support infrastructures include a restaurant, WC and information facilities, and there are lifeguards on duty in the summer holiday season. Orientation: south.

GPS: 37° 2'48.30"N 8°52'44.43"W


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