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NF Cork

Based in Torre de Natal, in Faro, NF Cork Lda is a company that transforms cork and was founded by Nuno Farias for the purpose of transforming this versatile material into decorative items and customised design pieces. It combines innovation and tradition, since all of its expertise is based on the more than 50 years’ experience of its parent company, the old Braulio Farias Cork Factory.

The cork used is grown in Portugal and the company collects it directly from the producers. It then goes through various processes to enable it to be worked, as well as a number of quality control checks too. This noble material can then be turned into modern, useful and comfortable items that nature lovers and fans of innovation and design can put to good use in their day-to-day lives.

NF Cork opens its doors to the public, offering guided tours of the facilities during which visitors can combine learning and leisure, enjoying the unique experience of watching the cork artisans at work in an ambience unlike any other. Tours are always personalised and adapted to visitors’ individual needs.

To book a guided tour, please contact:
E-mail: | Tel. +351 289 805 901

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