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Literary Tourism

Literary Tourism

The Algarve is a region that has its own culture, and it is the birthplace of major writers and poets. It also provides the setting, the subject matter and the inspiration for the work of many writers. Literature offers an invitation to discover this tourist destination. Or vice-versa. A tourist outing can also be the starting point for discovering writers and literary texts. In short, tourism and literature can come together to familiarise visitors with the Algarve in a different and enriching manner.

The Algarve’s literary sites await visitors in the legend of enchanted Moorish maidens, on the journey of a Nobel Laureate in Literature, in the words of the poets, in the lives of writers, in the houses where they lived, in rural landscapes, in the cities, in the colours of the sea, in the history of the region and in local stories.

To visit these places, you need to follow the itineraries of the literary tours, which are designed to bring together texts, authors and places and turn them into memorable tourist and cultural experiences.

Literary tour of the Algarve

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The walks on this literary tour invite visitors to discover places, heritage and stories that inspired poets and writers such as Lídia ...

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Saramago Literary Tour in the Algarve

Saramago Literary Tour in ...

Based on José Saramago’s work “Journey to Portugal” published in 1980, in which the Nobel Laureate in Literature visits ...

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