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Atelier Medronho

Made from arbutus berries - the fruit of the strawberry tree - medronho, a type of brandy, is one of the most typical of the spirits produced in the Algarve. It is still produced in the traditional way, using low heat and copper stills with their fine coiled pipes. Located in Tavira, the Atelier Medronho, a traditional distillery with modern and up-to-date design, offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the ancient manufacturing process.

If you would like to know how medronho brandy is made, from picking the fruit and fermenting the must through to distillation and bottling, simply book a guided tour, during which the entire process will be explained. And at the end, you will have the chance to taste some of the traditional drink along with other local products.

To book a guided tour, please contact:
E-mail: | Tel. 964 070 056

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