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Casa do Medronho

The Casa do Medronho in Marmelete recreates a typical distillery with all of the utensils used in the art of making "fire water" from arbutus berries. Informative panels describe the various stages in the production process, from harvesting the fruit and fermenting the must through to distillation and bottling the drink. A documentary will also be shown, with images illustrating the entire process and, during the normal working season (autumn-winter), the boiler may be fired up.

Scheduled tours of the Casa do Medronho will let you discover many of the secrets involved in the production of this drink, as well as giving you a chance to taste it, along with a range of other regional products such as dry-cured sausages and sweets.

If you would like a close-up look at the entire process, a specially designed route is available, starting from the Casa do Medronho, that will take you to the licensed distilleries participating in the project. Another option is to actually participate in the production process (from harvesting the fruit through to distillation) by signing up for the workshops organised by the Casa do Medronho.

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