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Panda and the Caricas, The Musical On The Island

11 December 2021

  • Portimão Arena

  • 11 a.m and 3 p.m

  • €35 - Front Seats (Row A to F) | €30 - Front Seats (Row G to M) | €25 - Back Seats | €20 - Benches

In this new adventure, the Caricas go to an island at the invitation of our hero Panda. A storm and a shipwreck cause a Pirate and his Parrot to land on the Island, making this Pirate character a companion in the Panda and Caricas adventure. By the way, the great adventure will be to return the Pirate and his Parrot to the life of the sea, and for that, they'll have to build a boat all together. A different boat, built with what they can find on the Island. Everything is always full of joy, good mood and lots of music and dancing.


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