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The Tôr Trail

The trail starts in the village of Tôr, climbing down to the wetlands and the stream, crossing through rural regions where old traditions are still preserved.

The village of Tôr stands on the southside slope of a hill of the Algarve’s Barrocal. The white houses and the narrow, sinuous streets maintain their traditional layout. The local economy has historically been linked to the production of nuts, but nowadays this old but dynamic village is developing handicrafts, commerce and industry.

Tôr’s bridge was built in the Late Middle Ages over remnants of a pre-existing Roman bridge, part of the Roman road which connected Milreu (in Estoi) to Salir. Three round arches remain visible today, arranged in harmony with one another. The central arch is the widest, and the two smaller ones are symmetrical.

The rural landscape consists of small vegetable gardens and orchards spread around the village, as well as vineyards and traditional, Arab-inspired dryland fields, covered in fig, olive and carob trees.

Tôr’s wetlands consist of Mediterranean scrub, with monumental olive and holm oak trees rising among the shrubs of brooms, mastic, spurge flax, lavender, and sageleaved and white-leaved rock-rose.

Near the Ribeira de Tôr, the air becomes fresher. You ford the stream between a dense riverside curtain where you can see plants common in these pluvial streams: oleander, tamarisk and ash trees. Due to the lack of light, plants like hawthorn, myrtle and butcher’s broom grow here. The otter and the kingfisher, two iconic examples of local wildlife and symbols of nature conservation in the Algarve, they use this river as a place of breeding or passage between territories.

Back to Tôr, the landscape is covered in verdant woodlands of cork oaks, holm oaks and carob trees, accompanied by strawberry trees. The bird fauna is striking around these woods. With some patience and a pair of binoculars you can spot species like the golden oriole, the azure-winged magpie, the jay, the blackbird and also many species of warblers, nightingales, woodpeckers and blackcaps.

Municipality: Loulé
walking and cycling
Circular trail:
5,2 km
Average duration:
Cumulative elevation gain:
112 metres D+
Type of path:
dirt, asphalt and stone
Start of the trail:
 37º 11' 48.27'' N 8º 02' 10.52'' W