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A variety of shops with a great choice of items

Shopping can be the best way of exploring a region and of getting to know about daily life, the people and their traditions. The goods on sale themselves and their setting all make up vital elements giving visitors a reliable way of getting to know and discover the area.

The Algarve is no exception.  Visitors can readily see in the goods on offer that this is an area which perfectly combines the elegance of modern times and the traditional know-how, which is the cultural heritage of the region.  All come together and live in perfect harmony in an Algarve which is at once cosmopolitan and picturesque.

The Algarve has everything to offer, from the most highly regarded brands to craft products, Moroccan leather, accessories, wines and other edibles.  Places vary from the traditional and renovated city centres and town markets, to traditional open air markets and modern shopping centres like Forum Algarve in Faro, Algarve Shopping in Guia or Aqua Portimão.  A whole world to discover, explore and take back home!


Souvenir shops Rich in beauty, imagination and creativity, Algarvian crafts encompass a myriad of ornaments and objects of more practical use...
City shopping

From highly respected brands to craft items all can be found on the streets in major town and city centres in the Algarve...

Markets Fresh produce markets, formerly true centres of urban commercial activity have regained their importance after undergoing modernisation...
Open Air Markets

If you prefer a different shopping experience, open air markets are a great alternative...

Shopping malls

“Shopping in a shopping centre” means wandering around at your leisure, taking in the atmosphere...

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