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Observing the treasures of Nature

The Algarve’s exceptional natural conditions - the amenable climate, abundant sun and gentle rain -, all foster the emergence of animals and plants, many of which are indigenous to the area, bringing sounds, colours and aromas worthy of contemplation.

On the flower-lined tracks of the Algarve, above all in the limestone and rocky soils of the Barrocal region, wild orchids, brightly coloured flowers, cane fields and ancient trees all come into bloom.  This is an area of wild and natural plant life in which many species of birds find shelter and make their nests.

Throughout the year, but especially during migration times, many species of birds, some of them rare, others at risk of extinction, converge on the Algarvian landscape and can be seen by nature lovers. In October, when thousands of birds of prey head for warmer climes, the booted eagles, short toed eagles, sparrowhawks, falcons, griffon vultures and even Egyptian vultures all cross the skies in a truly impressive display.

Because many native plants are of culinary and medicinal interest, and because animal watching, and bird watching in particular, is becoming increasingly popular, environmental groups have arranged tours which allow you to make the most of this vast natural heritage.

The Algarve is therefore a key destination for wildlife lovers who will discover here an enviable natural inheritance.


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