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Many landscapes, many charms

The Algarvian landscape has many faces, and is one of the main attractions for visitors to the region.  It is made up of three very distinct areas which include the coast, the mountains and the orchards.

An area much sought after for tourism, the southern and south-eastern coasts are different in aspect. Along the latter, called the Costa Vicentina (Vicentine Coast), the landscape is somewhat rugged with sharp dark-coloured cliffs punctuated at times by small beaches and rough seas.  The south coast, on the other hand, is gentler and made up of colourful cliffs and miles of beaches with calm, warm water. 

Inland, the Barrocal region is known as the Orchard of the Algarve, as its limestone soil supports the majority of the almond, fig, orange and carob plantations which, during the spring, bathe the countryside with colour, as do the white country houses with colourful mouldings and decorative chimneys.

To the North, the Algarvian uplands mark the boundary of the region.  A mountain range with gentle contours, it is dominated by vast stretches of land and inhabited only by a diversity of wildlife.  Here you can listen to silence and enjoy the true character of the region’s inhabitants.

An Algarve of many charms to discover and never forget!



A link between land and sea, companion to fishermen and mariners, the lighthouse sends out warning: “land approaching!” 


Saltpans paint the landscape white in places which are still used today to carry out a thousand-year old activity...

Almond trees in blossom

Heralding the arrival of spring, almond blossoms bathe the Algarve in an unforgettable and dazzling show...


The sheer diversity of the Algarvian countryside is easier to appreciate when seen at distances which allow wide enough views to enjoy...

Ponta da Piedade

With a magnificent view of the Atlantic and the shapes of cliffs carved by the sea and time...

Mountain walks

From the Serra do Caldeirão, the Algarve emerges like an amphitheatre which descends gradually to the sea...

Pedestrian routes in the Algarve

There are many nature trails throughout the Algarve that are an open invitation to explore uplands, rivers, hills and cliffs and to discover the region's abundant biodiversity. 

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