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Travel back in time

Travel back in time

Explore the past without leaving the present

Many groups of people have come to the Algarve – and momentous events have happened - from the beginning of time, leaving their mark on the architectural and cultural heritage of the whole region.  Perhaps the most noteworthy has been the Arab presence which, after 500 years in the region, has left its legacy in culture, place names, architecture, economy and social life which still predominate.

Later, Henry the Navigator, the chief architect of the Age of Discovery would leave evidence of the glorious feats of the 15th Century, particularly in Sagres and Lagos, at the height of which the African coast, Brazil and the sea route to India and other Asiatic countries were discovered.

Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo was one of the great men to leave their mark on the Algarve.  As Marquis of Pombal, his persistence and genius are still very much visible in the town centre of Vila Real de Santo António, where the architecture which he introduced was considered very advanced for its period.

These and other examples make up a heritage to be explored, which will help visitors to get to know this hospitable land.


The “Boa Esperança” Caravel (Caravel of Good Hope)

The first caravels of the age of Discovery left from the Algarve...

VRSA Pombaline Architecture

Built from scratch in only two years, the Vila Real de Santo António is a perfect example of the tenacity of the Marquis of Pombal...


In the Algarve, there are signs of the Age of Discovery which time has not erased.

Arab inheritance

For centuries, barbarians and Romans lived in the Algarve...

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