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Customs and Practices

Customs and Practices

A miscellany of knowledge

A region which has always suffered occupations by people from many very different places and cultures, the Algarve of today has many peculiar customs present in every aspect of the life of its people.

These are expressed in fields ranging from Architecture (for example the original chimneys), music and food, and many of them are so vibrant that they have become a major attraction.  From craftsmanship, particularly rich in wicker and colourful ceramic, to their unique ways of celebrating special occasions, there is a heritage constantly brought back to life which Algarvians are delighted to share with visitors.  The music which can be heard throughout the region is particularly beautiful.  From hotels to restaurants, from festivals to traditional festivities, dances and Algarvian songs, of which the “corridinho” is the most popular, enliven different settings with their infectious rhythms and tempo.

Some of the early traditions of the Algarvian people deal with the sea, and particularly the tradition of fishing and harvest of shellfish.

Very vibrant traditions, bringing delight to our visitors!


Popular Saints

In June, the Algarvians take special delight in celebrating local feast days...

Salt Extraction

Salt extraction is an activity with remote origins, which is constantly repeated in the saltpans in the eastern coastal regions...


On Easter Sunday, people eat lamb, beans flavoured with mint, and homemade sausages, followed by folar (traditional Easter bread) and almonds...

Christmas and New Year Carols

In the Algarve, Christmas celebrations begin on the 8th December with the Feast of the Immaculate Conception and continue to Epiphany...


Because the Algarve is a land facing the Atlantic Ocean, it is in the sea that Algarvians find their chief sustenance...

Magustos harvests

Every summer, the country people of the Barrocal lands and mountains pick almonds, figs and carobs...

Harvesting bivalve shellfish (molluscs)

Albeit on a small scale, it is still possible to witness the art of shellfish gatherers harvesting in the fertile estuaries of the rivers, Alvor and Formosa...

May Day

May Day is a day for celebration...


The accelerated tempo of music and the colourful regional dress are the joy of an Algarvian folklore...

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