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Testimonies from the past

Testimonies from the past

Going back to the beginning of time

From the earliest times, the Algarve has been a place of settlement for various groups of people, which has yielded distinctive and representative examples of its architectural heritage, meriting a visit by those wanting to know more about the cultural legacy of the region.

From prehistory to the Pombaline era, and including the Roman, Arabic and mediaeval periods, there is a variety of evidence passed down to our times.  Spread throughout the region, monoliths (menhirs) and megalithic monuments prove the existence of the early man.  Later, the Romans discovered the pleasures of living in these parts, and have left behind evidence of their presence and culture.  The Milreu Ruins in Estói, the Roman villa of the Cerro da Vila in Vilamoura, or the Alcalar Settlement are examples of their legacy, all of which are equipped with interpretive centres where you can learn more about daily life of these peoples of different eras.  However, it is from the Islamic occupation that we have the greatest legacy which is present in different aspects of Algarvian culture, including castles, forts and churches (which were formerly mosques), apart from the strong influences seen in popular architecture. 

In its turn, Vila Real de Santo António is the best example in the Algarve of a strong legacy left by the Marquis of Pompal in urban planning and architecture. 


In all the architecture of this sunny region, there are a multitude of historical references enabling the visitor to savour the different qualities of sun and sea.


Milreu and Cerro da Vila Ruins

As important historical legacies proving the presence of the Romans in the Algarve, the Milreu Ruins...


The Algarve possesses a significant religious heritage.  Among the many churches spread across the region...

Dolmen and menhirs (Monoliths)

The wealth of prehistoric evidence, dotted across the Algarve, is worthy of attention...


Filled with ancient artefacts exploring the history and way of life of past generations...

Military Architecture in Eastern Algarve (Sotavento)

The 1755 earthquake severely affected the Algarve....

Military Architecture in Western Algarve

Castles and forts, symbols of defence and conquests, are peppered throughout the Algarve...

Chapels and Hermitages

Places of pilgrimage and veneration, chapels and hermitages in the Algarve attract the attention of the faithful and lovers of religious architecture....

Castelo de Silves (Silves Castle)

Built by the Almoravid Arabs in the 11th Century, the Silves Castle is a reflection of the splendour attained by the Moors in the Algarve...

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