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Culture and Tradition

Culture and Tradition

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A unique way to do, feel and celebrate

More than just magnificent beaches and a blessed climate, the Algarve offers a rich folk heritage which is worth appreciating along with the pleasures of the sun and the sea.

Devote some time to discovering it because there are old customs, living traditions and heritage buildings which can be enjoyed throughout the year.

Algarvians across the centuries have left such a rich heritage which deserves to be explored: from the unique celebrations of festive occasions (such as Easter, Christmas or spring); to the historical buildings of ancient and recent times; to the irresistible delicacies making up the regional cuisine.


  • Traditional houses
    With distinctive features that set it apart from the rest of the country, traditional Algarvian architecture...
  • Traditional Crafts
    As a manifestation of traditional arts, as well as a reflection of Algarvian culture, society and economy of former times...
  • Mountain and Ocean Flavours
    Trying out the Algarve’s regional cooking is a must for any visitor to the region. Rich in flavour yet simply prepared...
  • Testimonies from the past
    From the earliest times, the Algarve has been a place of settlement for various groups of people...
  • Customs and Practices
    A region which has always suffered occupations by people from many very different places and cultures...
  • Travel back in time
    Many groups of people have come to the Algarve – and momentous events have happened - from the beginning of time...

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