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Off the Beaten Path

Off the Beaten Path

Walks and trails that lead to paradise

The Algarve is a region where no one can remain unmoved by the traditions of its people, the lush exuberance of its countryside or the variety of its landscape. To discover this natural haven, with the thread of Moorish influence running through its history, nothing can beat following its footpaths or trails.

Your journey might begin alongside the long coastal strip, where the sea area is redolent with fishing customs and traditions, and end in the Barrocal, or in the inland Algarve. 

Always an inherent part of the landscape, the historical footprint of past peoples reveals itself in an evocative journey on foot, on horseback, by bike or by jeep.

In this last option, there are safaris which pass through the Algarve mountains, through magnificent landscapes, on journeys that also take in tasting the traditionally prepared, and always delicious, regional cuisine.

On a calmer note, but not free from its own excitement, cycle rides or walks are organised in the Monchique forest, or midway up the slopes of the Caldeirão mountains. These trips allow you to discover a different Algarve, one that is rustic and gentle, and experience priceless moments in a natural setting

Horse-riding is another sport that can be enjoyed all year round in the Algarve at various locations and is another way the most seasoned traveller can explore the more hidden places in the mountains.


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