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Beaches to suit all tastes

Beaches to suit all tastes

With almost 200km of coastline, the Algarve has landscapes that are so different that it is easy to find beaches with distinct characteristics which will satisfy individual interests.

Visitors with a passion for nature will find the Vicentine Coast a true sanctuary.  Formed for the most part by grand escarpments, you can find well-preserved wildlife along this strip of coastline, where eagles and falcons are the main attraction.

The Barlavento region or Western Algarve is characterized by golden cliffs in extraordinary shapes which frame dream beaches.  Amidst these beaches, there is a honeycomb network of caves and sharp rocks carved by the sea.

The Sotavento region or Eastern Algarve, on the other hand, is made up of expanses of sandy beach, interrupted only by the Formosa Estuary.  Here, there are wide islands and sand spits which make for peaceful and delightful beaches.

A lot to choose from… and all with guaranteed quality, even by the most rigorous of standards.


Wild Nature

The Vicentine Coast, considered Portugal’s greatest coastal paradise...

Stretches of sandy beach

Bordered by golden sand dunes, which are followed by cliffs carved out by erosion...


In this area, the regularity of the coast is interrupted by a network of islands...

Beaches with Cliffs and Caves

The Barlavento coastline is composed of majestic cliffs and ravines...

Beaches with nightlife

Especially in warm summer months, many Algarvian beaches are open all night...

River Beach of Pego Fundo

 visit to the ‘Deep Algarve’ can also mean a refreshing day-out to a beach...

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