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Bird Watching on the Costa Vicentina

Bird Watching on the Costa Vicentina

The splendour of Nature reflected in the sky

Countless birds reside here throughout the year, adding a special charm to the region where they live.

But it is during the migrations in October that Sagres and Cape St. Vincent become key places for many species departing in search of warmer lands.

For this reason, the World Bird Watching Festival coincides with the migration period, with walks led by specialists whose explanations make the activity even more alluring.  In addition, the Algarve centre of the League for the Protection of Nature and the Almargem Association devote their nature walks to bird watching during this period.

There is much to see in the life of birds in the Algarve.  The Vicentine Coast is the only place recognised worldwide where the white stork nests on the sea cliffs.  The egret and the Bonelli eagle also have their nests here.   The south-east coast is one of last refuges in the Mediterranean for the osprey.  Red-billed chough and rock pigeon also nest here.

Some of these species are at risk of extinction, as is the case with the osprey, and care must be taken to interfere as little as possible with their habitat.

Respecting the silence and keeping to the marked trails are ways of taking care of the area that will be rewarded by sightings of many examples of the more than 200 species nesting here.

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