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Serras de Monchique Espinhaço de Cão and Caldeirão

Variations in landscape in a diversely charming Algarve

Acting as a gigantic amphitheatre, the Monchique, Espinhaço de Cão and Caldeirão hills form a protective barrier for the lowlands of the coastal region, providing shelter from the cold northern winds.  The breeze from the Atlantic also contributes to the unique vegetation of the area.

Monchique is like a garden with breathtaking scenery and unique plant life within the Algarvian landscape.  This north-western part of the region emerges with streams flowing down from escarpments, hills where the arbutus berry tree grows, and where oaks, pines and chestnut trees are to be found.

It is a retreat with a mild climate and lush vegetation, ideal for a stay in the ancient thermal springs.  A climb to Foia Peak, the highest point in the Algarve and a natural lookout will reward you with a panoramic view stretching from the Alentejo to the infinite sea horizon.

Further to the East, Serra de Espinhaço de Cão rises up among a chain of hills with slopes covered with arbutus berry trees, imposing eucalyptus trees and small but fertile valleys from which picturesque villages peek out.

The Serra do Caldeirão is the main Algarvian range extending from the banks of the Odelouca Stream to the rugged plateaux in the North-Eastern Algarve.  Another Algarve emerges among the undulating mountains and deep valleys, with green forests side by side with the golden shades of wheat and barley fields or dark bushes of rock rose and French lavender. 

These are places you can visit at your leisure, savouring the colour, character and fragrance of an Algarve rich in diversity.

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