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Fishing underwater, game and line


Fishing underwater, game and line

A time for quiet excitement

One of the favourite pastimes of inhabitants of the Algarve, as well as visitors, is fishing with a rod and line from coastal rocks and cliffs. It is a custom that often ends with a delicious dinner.

This is even more the case with game fishing, for which the Algarve is renowned; the waters around the Sagres headland are among the best in Europe for fish such as blue shark, hake, swordfish, tuna, sea bream and meagre. The Algarve’s warm waters, and the fact that various species pass through at different times of year on their way to the Mediterranean, mean this is an ideal spot for game fishing. National and international tournaments are held during the summer.

Underwater fishing is, for its part, a silent world of fascinating landscapes which, in itself, can relieve stress and help you relax.

It is easy to hire, for the day or half-day, well-equipped boats with proper fishing seats and harnesses, or to find diving groups through businesses which offer diving wear and equipment.

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