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Mountain Biking


Mountain Biking

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Riding your mountain-bike through the Caldeirão range or through a landscape composed of the saltpans and marshlands of the Formosa Estuary is an experience which every nature sports lover should try.  

Perhaps owing to the unpredictable outline of the land, the Barrocal and the Algarve mountains have innumerable attractions for the mountain-bike rider. Following on from hilltops are verdant valleys where temporary streams unravel, natural trails which are the ultimate cycling challenge.

When you finally reach the summit it is impossible not to admire the sight of the rolling coastal hills with the sea, inevitably, in the background.  

If you time your return to the Ria, with its salt lakes and marshes, to coincide with the end of the day, then the scene will take your breath away.

The low vegetation, the rose-coloured tinge of the setting sun and the silhouettes of flamingos, storks and herons form an image of such singular beauty that it is worth returning to these well-preserved treasures.

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