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Adventure in the deepest Algarve...

The word ‘safari’ is synonymous with adventure. Take a safari and explore the mountain ranges of the Algarve and their magnificent landscapes, stopping off to try the regional delicacies and to see the local customs first hand.

At the first opportunity, the convoy of jeeps leaves the road and travels by routes used only by local inhabitants. The tour guides always make stops so that visitors can learn about the local area in more detail. 

Whitewashed villages pop up here and there, nestled in valleys and sheltered behind mountain ridges, providing an excuse to meet the local craftsmen, learn about their techniques, and admire the varied display of unique practical and ornamental pieces.

The sampling sessions of traditionally prepared and organically grown fruit preserves are particularly appetising. Visitors to the destilas (distilleries) where medronho (arbutus berry brandy) is made, can taste the ‘agua da vida’ (water of life), a typical product from the mountains.

The Cork Route passes through imposing plantations of cork oak trees and is another safari circuit that gives you the chance to enjoy stunning countryside and learn about traditional tasks like the harvesting of the cork from the bark of the trees.

No day ends without a fortifying meal of regional food, in which the highlights are traditionally prepared cured sausage and dishes seasoned with fragrant herbs.

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