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Donkey Rides

Donkey Rides

Trot through the Algarve

Sweet-tempered, friendly and obedient, donkeys provide a fun ride and are an original way to get to know the picturesque side of the Algarve

Rides are organised by a variety of farms and estates, or by environmental associations, and combine enchanting countryside with education about the natural wealth of the territory.

Because it is impossible to speed up the leisurely pace of your friendly mount, there is time for everything: from soaking up the magnificent scenery; to discovering the wild flowers and plants; to visiting any one of the archaeological remains that exist in the rural areas. The monumental trees of Monchique and the megalithic mines of Alcoutim, both have a different appeal when visited as part of a donkey ride. 

Coming into contact and familiarising yourself with these gentle animals is a unique experience. The donkey is a species in decline throughout Europe. However, the Algarve is aiming to preserve and recover their numbers to save them from extinction.

For visitors who enjoy riding, another option is a wooden mule-drawn cart, most commonly known as carro de mula or carro de besta. Nowadays, they are a rare sight inland, but have gained a new lease of life in coastal settlements in the region. Duly renovated and decorated as new, the carts are now used for tourist rides and tours.

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