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Hunting Reserves


Hunting Reserves

Hunting - a sport in a quality setting

Southern Portugal is a perfect place for people who enjoy hunting as a sport because of the many game animals that are bred and hunted there in a controlled fashion, maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.

Hunters have 27 designated tourist hunting zones to choose from, together with 135 hunting association reserves and 24 municipal areas; 185 reserves in total.

The hunting season covers three different periods over a total of seven months of activity in which it is possible to hunt small game such as partridge, hare, rabbit and quail, as well as deer and wild boar, the most common big game species in the Algarve region.

The hunting zones open to tourists are spread over six municipalities, but Alcoutim has the greatest number of reserves and the best facilities for hunting, allied to  excellent breeding conditions which permit a large number of small game and wild boar to co-exist.

To date, there are 13 designated tourist hunting zones in Alcoutim, 5 in Silves, 3 in Tavira, and the same in Portimão, 2 in Castro Marim and 1 in Loulé.

To hunt in the Algarve you will need a hunting permit and a licence to hunt in Portugal; both can be obtained from the Federação de Caçadores do Algarve (Algarve Hunting Federation).

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