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Balloon Rides


Balloon Rides

A dream journey through a panoramic idyll

The dream of flying across the sky in a large brightly coloured balloon is now much more accessible than many people dare to think. Come to the Algarve and find out for yourself!

One of the privileges of taking a balloon ride is the pleasure of seeing the countryside as a whole, yet close enough to make out every colour and detail. Viewed from the air, the world is a much more beautiful and more ordered place. Roads, fields, settlements, rivers and lakes – all pass by looking far more united than they do when observed from the ground. 

Another great advantage is that a balloon is the only aircraft that can fly as low as you could wish. Depending on the vagaries of the wind, one moment you are skimming above the tree tops and, the next, suddenly gliding close to the ground. This makes balloon rides an especially thrilling experience.

 In the Algarve, all this is enhanced by the closeness of the ocean and the magnificent views in every direction. Flying like this, in fact, is everyone’s dream. In Lagos, Portimão, Faro and Albufeira there are specialist companies that can make this dream come true.

Updated on: 22-03-2018

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