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Clean beaches

Clean beaches

All year cleaning operations

During the year, the Algarve invests in making beaches attractive so that visitors can feel good in safe, pollution-free beaches.

Taking into account the type of beach, and how intensive the use of bathing facilities and surrounding areas, the Regional Tourist Board set out guidelines on the type of cleaning operations that should be carried out, how often cleaning should be done, and what equipment should be used.

As a result, more than 100 beaches covering roughly ten million square metres are now well-equipped with vehicular collection and removal of urban solid waste, sand-cleaning equipment, litter bins and, in the case of the islands, boats for transporting waste.

This effort also relies on the indispensable co-operation of bathers to help in keeping the beaches clean by using the available bins to put rubbish in and not leaving it on the beach either on the surface or buried, where it can contaminate the sand and the water.

These are simple rules which will in turn benefit all those who observe them and appreciate the beaches in the Algarve!

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