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Beaches in Albufeira


Beaches in Albufeira

Lots of choice, but always great entertainment

Located in the centre of the Algarve, Albufeira is one of the most charismatic tourist destinations, boasting a vast array of beaches to enjoy.

The vast sandy beach of Galé is framed by sand dunes to the west, and cliffs to the east, inviting visitors to go for leisurely walks to enjoy beautiful panoramic views.

A few kilometres east of Galé lies São Rafael, a small cove, sheltered by rocky sculpted formations rising out of the sea and also on the beach.

Nearby, Oura is one of most popular beaches for family holidays with many tourist facilities on offer:  hotels, restaurants and cafés, many with open-air seating,  and an array of water sports.

Next to Oura is Santa Eulália which has a good support infrastructure and easy access.  Immediately after, Maria Luisa offers tranquillity for those holidaymakers seeking peace and quiet.

Still along Albufeira’s impressive coast, Olhos d’Água combines enchanting landscape with colourful and picturesque traditional fishing boats beached between tides.  There, disability access facilities are available.

Further along to the east, two perfect choices for a holiday destination for the whole family are Falésia Beach, with its stunning panoramic setting, and Rocha Baixinha which offers excellent support facilities.

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