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Portuguese phone numbers all have nine digits. Callers from abroad must dial the international dialling code (00), followed by the country code for Portugal (351). Those calling from Portugal to a foreign country must dial 00, followed by the country code, area code and then the phone number.
Telephone booths provide information about the codes of various countries. They are either coin-operated or will take phone cards, which are sold at Portugal Telecom shops, post offices, tobacconists and newsagents (when identified).

Mobile Phones
Portugal has a high number of mobile phone users. There are three network operators, providing a good coverage of most of the country: MEO, Vodafone and NOS.

In Portugal, Internet access is easy. Paid connections are available at some cafés, as well as many post offices equipped with the Netpost system. You can also surf on the Internet at hotels, conference centres and shopping centres, where special areas are reserved for this purpose.

Note: the country codes and international dialling codes must be joined together.

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