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Praia do Amado

Post code - Portimão
Municipality Portimão
Location Portimão

Praia do Amado is situated between Praia dos Careanos and Praia dos Três Castelos, framed by the typical cliffs of this stretch of the coastline, where there is an alternation in colour between bright red and ochre, as well as a different moulding of the contours of the rocks, resulting in some rather strange and fantastic shapes. The beach is reached via a set of steep steps that run down the cliff face, bordered by thick vegetation that has adapted to the saline environments created by the sea spray: wormleaf saltwort, sea orach, sweet alyssum and Mediterranean beach daisy. On the beach itself, in those places where the sand has accumulated next to the sand-clay cliffs, there is an abundance of Cretan trefoil and sand couch grass, leading to the formation of small sand dune systems. An attractive footpath and cycle track runs along the cliff top between this beach and the viewing point of Três Castelos (also known as Bela Vista), which marks the border between Praia dos Três Castelos and Praia da Rocha. This track is paved and has various resting points, being planted with some garden areas and a series of terraces, allowing you to enjoy the sunshine and the panoramic views over the sea from the cliff top.

Note: There is a possibility of stones falling from the cliffs, so that care should be taken when walking close to them, as well as when walking on the cliff top, keeping a safe distance from the edge.

Access: There is a tarmac road to the beach from Av. V6 (Portimão), heading towards Praia da Rocha. Access to the beach is from the roundabout with a fountain. There is a fairly large and organised parking area near the beach, which has basic support facilities (restaurant and toilets) and is supervised during the bathing season. The beach faces south/south-west.

Updated on: 22-03-2018

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