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Praia dos Três Castelos

Post code - Portimão
Municipality Portimão
Location Portimão

The beach, whose name (three castles) alludes to the isolated rock formations that have stood firm against the retreating coastline, is bordered by the jagged promontory on which the viewing point of Três Castelos is to be found. You can reach the beach via a set of steps that run down the cliff from this viewing point, from where there is a remarkable view over the highly sculpted rock formations of this beach, allowing you to see such features as arches, caves and isolated groups of rocks, as well as rocky platforms on the cliff faces, very popular with birds such as kestrels, herring gulls, black-headed gulls, rock doves and swifts. On the gentler rocky slopes, there is a profusion of mastic-trees and plants that are resistant to the salt spray from the sea, especially wormleaf saltwort and sea orach. At the foot of the cliffs, living as a parasite on the roots of these halophytic plants, there grows a small and extremely rare plant known in English as Maltese mushroom, but with the suggestive vernacular name in Portuguese of Moor’s penis (piça-de-mouro), which derives from its phallic shape and its restricted geographical distribution (being found only in a few places in the Mediterranean basin). Warm colours tend to predominate on this sandy beach, which is quite extensive and has some more peaceful areas at its western end.

Note: There is a possibility of stones falling from the cliffs, so that care should be taken when walking close to them, as well as when walking on the cliff top, keeping a safe distance from the edge.

Access: You can reach the beach on foot through the city of Portimão. There is a tarmac road to the beach from Av. V6 (Portimão), heading towards Praia da Rocha. There is an organised parking area near the beach, which has basic support facilities (restaurant and toilets) and is supervised during the bathing season. The beach faces south/south-west.

Updated on: 19-03-2018

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